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i got a lil cute puppy he got the brighest eyes and jumps a lot he often steals stuff but is the softest and cutest angel he sme

lorglzz is

23, Las Palmas, Spain


Looking for...

Male/Female between 18 - 80

Ethnicity White / Caucasian   Ethnicity Black / African, Caribbean, Latino / Hispanic, Oceania, White / Caucasian
Relationship Single   Language English, Spanish
Language English, Spanish,   Looking for Share a Common Interest
Occupation I will tell you later    
Education High School Diploma    
Horoscope Capricorn    
Height 165 cm (5'5")    
Weight 50 kg (110 lbs)    
BodyType I will tell you later    
Personal Style In tune with the occasion    
Kids I don't have any kids    
Religion Alternative    
Smoke I don't smoke    
Drink I don't drink

About Me

lls like heaven and got the most adorable white spot on his tiny face, his paws are made of wonderful silky soft pillows and he snores like the little baby he is he loves haunting and biting my hair ties he could sleep on my lap forever and he doesnt like kids he goes crazy when he sees them i could pet his soft flurry coat nonstop and he loves barking to people or another dogs he needs much attention he is like a little kid when he is too happy he makes weird/funny mouth sounds and he is always happy to see me he loves licking my ears and bitting my bun when im eating somethin he wants it too and will make me know it by jumping trying to catch what im eating and also will scratch my arms for me to give him some. his tummy is the roundest most beautiful thing

In My Own Words

What Would My Friends Say About Me?
in the wolrd and his tiny teeth always makes me smile his wet nose feels like a little ice cube but is the most wonderful feeling when he glues it to me he loves taking care of me by licking my skin and looking at me with the purest angel eyes his eyes remind me to the universe his intelligence and love make my day he is the cutest pup i would love to find him some pup fellow to play with and he loves peeing in his favourite places like the trash can or sofa
What Makes Me Happy?
ust like him and will hide waiting for you to make a move he believes he is some sort of ninja even though its so obvious where he is hiding because his round butt will be sticking out he got the most elegant features and he looks like anubis and he walks so gracefully it seems he is dancing his long legs are the most wonderful combination of beauty and grace he got the brightest flurry hair he is so beautiful
What Makes Me Upset Or Frustrated?
i could stay with him forever he is a truly gift and a spectacular living being he is literally made of love he only needs love and sleep close to you to survive he is the most generous angel he is a very calm pup and got the tiniest paws he is a very curious pup and loves exploring and chewing anything he finds he knows perfectly what is wrong or right and tries to do the wrong while you are distracted he is a naughty bae he moves a lot in his bed he loves feeling it everywhere and will do the weirdest positions
What Do I Find Sexy?
when he misses me he starts howling calling me with his little mouth, when he does so his mouth gets so tiny in a perfect O shape it is wonderfully adorable he is so smart he invents his own games throwing his toys stairs down to go and pick them up and throw them over and over he also loves playing with people and he will wait for you to pick up a toy j
Favorite Movies
Favorite Songs
his barking is the most delicious and adorable sound in the universe he makes the cutest noises his little throat makes the most precious sounds
Favorite Animals
My Ideal Match
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Language Want To Learn
following me everywhere he loves playing around while im doing stuff and when he poops he makes a little forcing sound he is unbelievable he gives his whole trust and love to you he will lie upside down so you can rub his chest and tummy he is so tiny he makes life wonderful
Years Learning Foreign Language
his smell makes me happy sometimes when he is asleep he will make little adorable sounds like a baby who is drinking from a feeding bottle
Have You Lived Overseas? For How Long?
i want to go everywhere with him and live stuff together i love how he stretches he is so graceful the purest pup in the world he is made of heaven he loves bread and often gets too excited to even hold it he will carry it everywhere choosing the best place to eat it jumps around and is so happy just with a little piece of bread he is amazing i love him very much


I Would Like Traveling To...
Asia, Australia, Europe
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