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jonatandesu is

28, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Looking for...

Female between 18 - 30

Ethnicity White / Caucasian   Ethnicity Japanese
Relationship Single   Language English
Language Spanish, English,   Looking for Casual dating partner
Occupation Other     Meaningful relationship partner
Education Undergrad Degree     Marriage partner
Horoscope Leo     PenPal
Height 175 cm (5'9")     Practice Conversation
Weight 60 kg (132 lbs)     Share Travel Experience
BodyType Slim     Teach a Language
Personal Style Unique     Share a Common Interest
Kids Will get around to it someday     Learn a Language
Religion None     Culture Exchange
Smoke I don't smoke    
Drink I don't drink

Group Participation

Artists and designers!

About Me

始めまして!I' m Jonatan giordano. I'm looking for Japanese friends since I'm studying Japanese and I would like to travel to Japan after December and work there next year. Anyway, I'm not a VIP member so I just can send 'smiles'. If you want to know my L.I.N.E or FB send me a message because I cannot write them here. 良い一日よ!

In My Own Words

What Would My Friends Say About Me?
They say I look much younger (around 8 years less).
What Makes Me Happy?
Taking care of somebody I love (give her massages, cook for her or be at her side when she is sad or sick).
What Makes Me Upset Or Frustrated?
Lies, selfishness, corruption, violence, discrimination, hypocrisy, sexism, stubbornness, arrogance, sarcasms, anger, blames and temporal relationships (once I start a relationship I want to be forever with that person).
What Do I Find Sexy?
Eyes, smile, sweetness, kindness and cuteness. The true beauty is under the make up.
Favorite Movies
Avatar, Tron Legacy, Dr. Strange, Matrix, The Sixth Sense, True Lies.
Favorite Songs
My favourite genres:
- Symphonic Metal (Epica, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Leaves Eyes)
- Electronic (Apoptygma Berzerk, E-Type)
- Power Metal (Stratovarius, Sonata Artica)
- New Age (Enya, Era)
- Pop
- Ambient music and OSTs

Some of my favorite songs:
Merchant Prince (Thomas Bergersen), Ocean Princess (Thomas Bergersen), Storm the Sorrow (Epica), Deconstruct (Epica), Blank Infinity (Epica), Memories (Within Temptation), Rollergirl (Apoptygma Berzerk), Until the End of the World (Apoptygma Berzerk), Paradise (Stratovarius), Forever (Stratovarius), Higher (Taio Cruz and Kylie Minogue), Sad Eyes (Crystal Castles), I Like (Geri Hilson), Radioactive (Maria & The Diamonds).
Favorite Animals
Favorite Books
My favourite authors are Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe.
Favorite Games
Nier, Shadow of the Colossus, ICO, Valkyrie Profile 2, Xenosaga 3, Final Fantasy X, .Hack//GU, Heavy Rain, Baldur's Gate 2.
Favorite Activities
Swimming. Also I would like to learn some martial arts like Aikido, Kendo and Kyudo.
3d art, digital art, digital painting, photography, landscapes design, architecture, astronomy, music, taxonomy, technology, teach and learn languages.
Admire People
Good artists.
My Ideal Match
A faithful girl with a good heart who cares about serious relationships and marriage.
My Ideal Date
Anything with the correct person would be perfect.


Language Want To Learn
Years Learning Foreign Language
I'm studying Japanese by my own, since 4 years ago. But I couldn't dedicate much time because job. But, I'm trying to study harder this year.
Have You Lived Overseas? For How Long?


I Would Like Traveling To...
What I Like To Do On Vacation
My Best Vacation Was
Spain. Especially Albarracín.
My Dream Vacation Would Be
I would like to visit Kyoto with somebody I love. I love Japanese culture.

My Recent Activities