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I go to Geramny May 25- Jund 5 2017, looking for female friend

yury2012 is

46, Nagoya-shi, Japan (Aichi-ken)


Looking for...

Male/Female between 42 - 65

Ethnicity Japanese   Ethnicity White / Caucasian, Oceania, Caribbean, Latino / Hispanic, Mixed
Relationship Single   Language Japanese, English, Italian
Language Japanese, English,   Looking for Meaningful relationship partner
Occupation Medicine/Health     Share a Common Interest
Education Undergrad Degree     Practice Conversation
Horoscope Cancer     Share Travel Experience
Height 160 cm (5'3")     Marriage partner
Weight 45 kg (100 lbs)     Travel Companion
BodyType Slim     Learn a Language
Personal Style The best thing since sliced bread     Culture Exchange
Kids I have kids    
Religion Other    
Smoke I don't smoke    
Drink I don't drink

About Me

I am looking for place to live in US, Italy or other place for rest of my life and good friend or partner(male) of rest of my life. I live in Japan, I can travel all over the world alone. I have been to Italy and France, had lived in US for 7 years for study. I would like to share culture, travel experience. I live alone at house in Japan if you would like to come to Japan and feel Japanese culture, I guide you around my area, Central Japan, Nagoya, . I will make Japanese food at home and we share experience and thoughts, culture. My major is Cultural Anthropology of BA in US. I am interested in different culture and people of abroad, Specially Europe and US or Australia. My job is research and develop vitamin supplement . I just came back from Milano yesterday from learning Italian school and I am planning to go back as soon as possible, looking for job connection, trying to live there permanently. I am planning to go to Europe or US before summer.

In My Own Words

What Would My Friends Say About Me?
very interesting! unique, honesty, open-minded, caring, optimistic,pure, thoughtful, polite, enjoy music and nature, spiritual but not religion. Romantic.
What Makes Me Happy?
talking with world friends, share thoughts and life, culture, spend time with partner.
What Makes Me Upset Or Frustrated?
lie, rude, no respect of t people, nature, animal. show off.
What Do I Find Sexy?
eyes, body, legs
Favorite Movies
Lovely Heaven, many.
Favorite Songs
ABBA,KISS US 80'S, Prince, Rock, Rollin Stones, many.
Favorite Animals
dog is faithful, cat, parrot .
Favorite Books
spiritual , health, medicine, vitamin, nutrition, history, religion, universe, many.
Favorite Games
Favorite Activities
learning different culture, enjoy music and nature.
Travelling the world, making a good friend all over the world, learning different culture.
Admire People
Lady GaGa, KISS, ABBA,Prince, Hatshepsut, Fredy Mercury.
My Ideal Match
to share feelings, thoughts, culture, food, religion, history, custom and many.
My Ideal Date
honesty talking, lunch, dinner and spend time together. Romantic dating but pure.


Language Want To Learn
Italy and other languages.
Years Learning Foreign Language
English, Italian. Spanish.
Have You Lived Overseas? For How Long?


I Would Like Traveling To...
Europe, North America, Australia
What I Like To Do On Vacation
Active & Explore
My Best Vacation Was
US, Saipan, Italy.
My Dream Vacation Would Be
exploring new things, nature, meet with new people in different county. Spend time with partner together.

My Recent Activities