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Hi there! I spend pretty much time online being nerdy about things, so I decided to put it to some other use too ;) Looking for interesting international pals to chat!

valkasha is

24, Toruń, Poland (Kujawsko-Pomorskie)


Looking for...

Male/Female between 20 - 35

Ethnicity White / Caucasian   Ethnicity Japanese, White / Caucasian
Relationship Single   Language Others
Language Others, English, Japanese, Russian   Looking for Meaningful relationship partner
Occupation Student     Marriage partner
Education Undergrad Degree     PenPal
Horoscope Cancer     Practice Conversation
Height 160 cm (5'3")     Share Travel Experience
Weight 50 kg (110 lbs)     Teach a Language
BodyType Perfect for my height     Share a Common Interest
Personal Style Pretty passionate about things     Learn a Language
Kids I don't have any kids     Culture Exchange
Religion Catholic    
Smoke I don't smoke    
Drink I drink socially

About Me

I am almost too nerdy to function, but luckily, as most people say, my looks don't give me away - I blend nicely into the surroundings, pretending to be a chill, normal human being ^^ I might not be all smiles, sporting my natural 'rb' face, but I am fun to hang around with, as I love entertaining people with witty comments and abstract ideas ;) If you wanna challenge me in a battle of puns, the challenge is accepted!
I am pretty passionate about new experiences, so it would be nice to connect to people with various unusual interests - we can share and learn something from each other!

In My Own Words

What Would My Friends Say About Me?
I got dubbed 'Queen of Puns' once, so you do the math :D Even if I'm taken aback by something, I will try to cover it with lots of humor :)
I am confident in what I believe in and I'm not ashamed to say it out loud, but I respect and find interesting the variety of opinions. Life is about learning anyway ;)
What Makes Me Happy?
Broadening my horizons - by any means possible: learning, traveling, reading, writing, creating. I love to expand my knowledge and use it to create new ideas and worlds, as I aspire to become a writer!
What Makes Me Upset Or Frustrated?
Dishonesty - truth can be harmful, but in less ways than lies. Be frank, don't deceive.
Ignorance and superficiality - there's always an other side of the issue that needs to be taken seriously.
Selfishness - a good amount of self-care is to be praised, but ignoring people's feelings just because it's easier is awful.
What Do I Find Sexy?
Intelligence and quick wit. I just love a good laugh and a conversation with a brilliant mind! Also, I find sexy people who are naturally, genuinely kind. You can try to be cool, but that's not gonna beat a good heart :)
Favorite Movies
Favorite Songs
Favorite Animals
My dog Mango! Also, cats in general... and snakes!
Favorite Books
'The Coldfire Trilogy' Celia S. Friedman
'Game of Thrones' G.R.R. Martin
'Lord of the Rings' J.R.R. Tolkien
'Harry Potter' series J.K. Rowling
Favorite Games
'The Wolf Among Us'
'Heroes of the Might and Magic' (especially III)
Favorite Activities
writing my own stories
learning new languages
foreign languages
Japanese culture
Admire People
Anyone who follows certain morals in life
My Ideal Match
Interesting, fun people who have various unusual interests and like to try and experience new ways of life! Looking forward to learning new things from you! :)
My Ideal Date


Language Want To Learn
Wanna practice my Japanese, have a casual chat in English and learn some more Spanish. Wouldn't mind learning some Turkish as well.
Years Learning Foreign Language
English - 14
Japanese - 5
Russian - 9
Spanish - 1
Have You Lived Overseas? For How Long?
I studied abroad in Japan, in Nagoya :) It was an awesome year, I would definitely love to do it once again, anywhere I could go!


I Would Like Traveling To...
Asia, India, Japan, Thailand, Europe
What I Like To Do On Vacation
Active & Explore
My Best Vacation Was
The whole time I spent in Japan :)
My Dream Vacation Would Be
A trip around the whole Europe, just to explore the continent I live in :)

My Recent Activities