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  • croselle
    22 yrsAS7
    It is very nice to meet you line,exodiusleo
  • nancya93
    24 yrsAS7
    San José
    Just searching friends and japanese sensei...!!!! , lets be friends-..(*o*)/
  • whiskypunk
    24 yrsAS8
    It's not where you're from,it's where you're at
  • BabyBeMine
    35 yrsAS8
    Hello! wanna be my friend? email me lylynguyen2000 yahoo
  • dali549
    30 yrsAS7
    to be friends <3 I really hope (^O<)
  • jeannette11
    29 yrsAS8
    Mexico City
    just looking for some friends!

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  • manami_1984
    33 yrsAS7
    I love nature,yoga,Ayurveda,coffee and traveling
  • kittytaeh
    18 yrsAS7
    My name is Kitti, nice to meet you! I want to move to Japan in the future, and I'm currently learning Japanese.
  • jianma1024
    28 yrsAS6
    Los Angeles
    There can never be to much chocolate in the world
  • banky1
    30 yrsAS7
    Florida City
    single man with no kids single going with no partner i will love to have one