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  • emmalov
    30 yrsAS7
    Its my pleasure been here and i look forward to meet a unique and interesting people.
  • yui_nkz
    25 yrsAS8
    I am an English beginner.I come to be able to speak English early, and I want a foreign friend.
  • owomaria
    28 yrsAS7
    I am open minded for you to come in
  • finritel
    31 yrsAS7
    looking for friends and language exchange
  • shiho808
    50 yrsAS8
    I would like to have friends here!
  • beezeeyiyi
    42 yrsAS8
    这世间每一种好的背后,都是用了心的,只要用心生活,就不会被生活所辜负。Behind every good thing in the world, we use our heart. As long as we live with our heart, we will not be let down by life.

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  • mauri92
    26 yrsAS5
    I am a lover of anime and manga. from time to time I like to write texts in prose and cooking. I like all types of music.
  • beramat1091
    27 yrsAS4
    ciao a tutti ragazzi
  • dinnmcnally
    32 yrsAS7
    Eau Claire
    Hello I am a single lady with a big heart and I want a man who can take good care of that.
  • marfath
    23 yrsAS5
    yha waqt be guzar jay ga