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  • julieth93
    25 yrsAS7
    Feel confident to write me!!
  • namagura
    31 yrsAS7
    Buenos Aires
    I'm Colombian girl and I'm in love to Japanese's culture
  • iri_12
    22 yrsAS8
    San Cristóbal
    I am student university , I like drawing and the arts and meeting new people
  • amin07
    25 yrsAS8
    Outer Tokyo
    I want to make new friends and also talk a lot!
  • hanalove1
    32 yrsAS8
    I am looking for a Japanese or Korean friends.私は正直な日本人の友達を見つけたいです。
  • beezeeyiyi
    42 yrsAS8
    这世间每一种好的背后,都是用了心的,只要用心生活,就不会被生活所辜负。 Behind every good thing in the world, we use our heart. As long as we live with our heart, we will not be let down by life.

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  • magorombemarwa
    24 yrsAS4
    Dar es Salaam
    i love save people especial disabled one, and this is due to many people they don't like to help them so i pray to god to give me ability for salving them especial financial
  • tarakakavand8383
    22 yrsAS6
    I'm rozhan .The site was a mistake I am love was born in 2004 with the other people in the world speak and am currently studying in high school
  • kasra_saeedi
    22 yrsAS5
    Hi. Im kasra and Im looking for new friends.
  • hazem1249
    22 yrsAS4
    my name is hazem from egypt 22 years old love sports and movies