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  • shugos
    23 yrsAS8
    hope to meet someone unique
  • cheese666666
    35 yrsAS7
    i am a caring and lovely women。lol......
  • kurisa
    35 yrsAS7
    Anyone up for a chat?
  • namagura
    29 yrsAS8
    Buenos Aires
    Colombiana enamorada de la cultura japonesa
  • cocokong
    26 yrsAS8
    Any unhappy is a waste of time
  • xielisi
    25 yrsAS8
    To be or not to be.I do not you think so good, nor so bad as you think.

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  • luismartinez422
    22 yrsAS6
    You never know what you might find in the world
  • paul1225
    21 yrsAS7
    soy una persona de mente abierta; me gusta ver sonreír siempre sonreír a las personas es algo mágico
  • tauruscious
    35 yrsAS7
    I wanna meet people from different parts of the world. Since I was a small boy, I've always been fascinated by how different people look and behave. I learned to communicate in English because of it.
  • ninakuma
    19 yrsAS7
    I'm a french girl ! My dream is to come in japan and meet some japanese people. Nice to meet u :)